About Us

2410 Construction D.O.O manages partnerships with private sector, private and public institutions and investors, aiming for investment together with our well-known, expert solutions partners in the global scale.

2410 Construction D.O.O aims at directing the most efficient and operative use of investment, covering not only real estate investments but also all the processes from the land supply to the turn-key delivery of the project in the region planned to be invested.

2410 Construction D.O.O is managed by experienced professionals who work with the most up-to-date systems in the sector and adopt the highest quality and standards as a principle. Solution-oriented and analytical approaches, the legislation in the relevant investment areas and the dominance of local resources make a difference where the potential benefits are maximized.

Our Company Mission

To contribute to the improvement of development by finding solutions that will add value to our investments in all countries where we operate with our talents and energy.

Focus on turning the real estate activities of Montenegro, with priority to certain regions, to advantages and unique opportunities for investors.

To provide additional services, skills and systems necessary to improve quality standards, achieve maximum operational efficiency and ultimately achieve maximum profit performance, once the property is acquired or improved.

Our vision is to be among the prestigious real estate developers preferred on national and international markets.

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